Due to the very nature of the construction industry, construction litigation disputes often become complex and voluminous. If your construction firm has invested time, energy, and money into a project, you deserve to receive compensation for the materials and work that has been completed. If the party that hired your construction company breaches their contract with you, contact Stone LLP today to discuss your legal options.

Legal Solutions We Provide for California Construction Companies

As the leading construction law firm in L.A. County, our attorneys have experience with a wide variety of construction disputes involving breach of contract, mechanics lien claims, quality disputes, and construction defects. We can provide you with sound legal advice and either file or defend a case on your behalf. The following are just a few of the types of matters we can help you resolve:

  • Complex construction disputes. Large, complex construction projects are prone to delays and cost overruns. If your construction company has not been fully compensated for work you’ve done on a project, or you have another dispute with the hiring party, our construction law attorneys can help. Not only will we find a quick and efficient solution to your dispute, but we will also ensure that you understand every step of the legal process. 
  • Mechanic’s liensA mechanic’s lien is used as a security interest for a contractor or construction company in the event they aren’t paid for materials or services. If this has happened to your company, speak with Stone LLP right away. We will work to get the case drafted quickly so you can be awarded the money you’ve already earned and move on to the next project.
  • Change order disputes. Change orders add or remove work from the original scope of a construction project, altering the final price and modifying the work your company is responsible for completing. When the change order results in nonacceptance, stalls the project in total, or morphs into another dispute for your construction company, discuss the case with our construction lawyers.
  • Construction defects. To prove a construction defect exists, the party that hired your construction company must show the defect was a direct consequence of your company’s actions—not the result of natural causes—and that your firm’s work fell below the normal standard. These types of disputes are typical in the construction industry, and you need a skilled attorney to defend your firm against them.
  • Delay and schedule disputes. Unscheduled events or circumstances often cause delays in progress that extend the timeframe for your company’s projects. When this happens, your firm needs the help of a skilled construction lawyer to help you determine your next best steps.
  • Bond claim disputes. A construction bond holds your company to a specific project, guaranteeing your company will complete the work as outlined in the contract and in compliance with state regulations and requirements. Because of the potential for continual fees, you should contact our law firm for advice in efficiently resolving issues immediately after a dispute arises.

Our firm has many years of knowledge and experience in construction law and litigation. We always try to negotiate an agreement with the other party first in an effort to save time and money—and we’re often quite successful. However, if we cannot come to an agreement with the other party, we’ll go to court. Our goal is always to obtain the full amount of compensation to cover your company’s financial loss and inconvenience.

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If your company is struggling under the burden of a construction legal matter, and you need assistance, schedule an initial consultation with Stone LLP today. As the foremost construction law attorneys in Los Angeles, we’ll go over the facts of your case, help you to understand your rights, and give you a rundown of your best options. Contact us today to get started.