Business owners who are currently involved in a legal dispute, including a cross-complaint or other third-party claim, should consider hiring a team of experienced Los Angeles business litigators to represent their case. The attorneys at Stone LLP are here to advocate for you in times of trouble.

What Are Common Occasions that Cause Business Litigation?

There are many common causes of business law disputes, which may include the following:

  • Breach of contract. Any breach of contract in a business deal should be taken seriously. A breach of contract can occur when either party does not hold up their responsibilities and duties, as stated in the contract. A simple breach of contract issue can grow to become a larger dispute requiring litigation, which is best resolved with the help of a proven business litigator.
  • Commercial and banking disputes. When putting a business into a bank’s hands, its owners are trusting that the bank will be able to help with issues brought to them. However, if the business is affected or hurt by a dispute at the bank, there are legal options available to correct the bank's misconduct. Discussing the best options with our California business litigation lawyers will help businesses achieve the most successful possible outcome.
  • Corporate, partnership, or ownership disputes. Ownership disputes, from a small business partnership to a corporate level, can come about in various circumstances. Business owners who are dealing with dissolving a partnership, or someone who has not represented all the party’s interests equally, should speak to one of our business lawyers.
  • Business torts from fraud to antitrust violations. Business torts can commonly be referred to as misconduct in the form of fraud, antitrust violation, or injury to the business’ interests. Examples of business torts may also include: wrongful interference, damage to computers, and unfair competition. Any business that is being served or is bringing a business tort claim to court should have legal representation. Discuss the best options with our Los Angeles business law attorneys today.
  • Real estate contract, warranty, and tort claims. When purchasing or leasing new office space or a building for a business, business owners trust that the real estate contract and warranty are created to include all aspects of the deal and have been discussed thoroughly with the selling party. However, there are times when the contract falls through due to the actions of the other party or other unforeseen circumstances. What happens then? Our real estate and business law attorneys can help with sorting out real estate issues like this.

What Can Our California Business Lawyers Do for You?

It’s never a good idea to try to represent a business or yourself during a dispute without legal experience. Our experienced team of legal professionals and business law attorneys in LA County can help present the case in a clear and compelling manner.

Our firm realizes that resolving business and real estate disputes can be expensive and an inefficient use of time for the business owner. It distracts our clients from the essentials of operating their businesses, and this is why Stone LLP offers a full-service firm to help with all your business’s legal needs. The best legal approach to any dispute is to prevent them from arising through effective business planning, operations, and management.

At the Stone LLP, we help our business, and corporate litigation clients view themselves as more than just plaintiffs or defendants. We can help determine the best options for the business and what to do next.

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If a business needs expert legal assistance to win their case, call Stone LLP today. Our goal is to help win the case and get the full settlement the business deserves. Whether a case involves a breach of contract, overbilling, fraud, or any other kind of legal hassle, we can help the business prevail in a court of law. Contact us today for more information.