Our attorneys focus on specific areas of law to bring our clients the highest level of service. With many years of experience litigating all areas of business law, including construction, real estate, and employment, we meet and surpass the expectations of corporate clients, business owners, property developers, and construction companies throughout Southern California.

Construction LawConstruction Law

Litigation can be time-consuming and financially devastating for a construction firm. Whether another party has filed a construction defect claim against your firm, your company hasn’t been paid fairly due to unnecessary delays or inaccurate change orders, or your firm is struggling with issues—and ongoing fees—as a result of a bond, your construction firm will need to fight to protect your business and obtain the money that is owed for the work you’ve done.

Stone LLP is the leading construction litigation firm in L.A. County. Our attorneys have successfully litigated a range of disputes on behalf of construction companies. Construction companies facing costly lawsuits and breaches of contract should call us as soon as possible to avoid making a situation more complicated and difficult than it already is. Contact us today.

Business LawBusiness Law

Legal disputes are often just part of running a business. But just because they can be fairly common, that doesn’t mean a business owner should attempt to deal with a contract dispute, partnership conflict, or antitrust violation without the help of an experienced lawyer. At Stone LLP, our litigators have handled every type of business dispute and offer their skilled services to California business owners.

When a business owner is represented by a proven litigator in court, the outcome is much more positive than it is when they choose to go it alone. Our business attorneys are committed to finding the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients’ legal disputes available, including negotiation and litigation. California businesses facing legal conflicts can trust our team to protect their interests as we resolve their issues. 

Real Estate LawReal Estate Law

A real estate dispute involving fraudulent activity, title and deed disputes, property ownership issues, or commercial eviction notices can all take a significant toll on a business’s profitability and future sustainability. Businesses facing these types of issues need straightforward advice and custom-crafted legal solutions from a law firm with demonstrated experience in this specific area of law, where real estate issues intersect with business operations. Whether the real estate dispute is resolved through negotiation with the other side, a lawsuit, mediation, or arbitration, Stone LLP offers pragmatic legal advice and top-notch skill to help resolve the legal challenge.

Labor & Employment LawLabor & Employment Law

When a business is facing claims of wage & hour violations or discrimination, they need to consult legal representation as soon as possible. Losing a labor or employment lawsuit can result in sever financial losses that make it impossible to stay in business.

The legal team at Stone LLP is prepared to investigate these types of claims and build a defense that protects our business clients from the worst-case scenario. Even when the claims are unfounded, employers must take them seriously. Our experienced labor and employment law attorneys represent California businesses facing employee lawsuits and welcome questions from businesses struggling with these legal challenges.